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Trucking and Transportation

 Bremer Whyte provides defense for several large trucking firms as well as for businesses with trucking and/or transportation components that constitute significant  components of their operations.   The Firm serves as lead trial counsel on the west coast to Waste Management, Inc. a fortune 500 company, defense counsel for Sysco Corporation, a global food product distribution company as well as numerous other clients with significant trucking and transportation exposure.  Our extensive experience in trial litigation of catastrophic injury cases and location throughout the western United States are uniquely suited to the severe losses and diverse locations that are characteristic of trucking and transportation cases.

Additionally, our firm provides a unique Rapid Response service to the trucking industry.  Immediate response is critical in the course of investigation of trucking accidents involving bodily injury claims.  Accident scenes can and do change within hours and even minutes.  Therefore, immediate documentation and preservation of on-scene evidence is of the utmost importance.  Even though the investigating officer/police photograph and measure all relevant evidence, having an independent source photograph, measure and document the same evidence may prove invaluable later on.  Our Rapid Response team can immediately direct and hire all experts and investigators to help preserve the privilege for as long as possible.


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